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Tuesday, November 27, 2018 (1403 days ago)
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Mainly active in TrackMania, or at least more than ShootMania :x. I wish to learn SM Obstacle (the only mode i'm interested in mostly) at some point.
I've uploaded Hysteria maps to make them more accessible (to add them on a server, etc). While i don't have a single link to download all the versions uploaded that Monk gave me (where he recalculated shadows on several (if not all?) maps), you can still find the whole Hysteria mappack here.

Regarding TM :
I'm hosting several servers :
I'm mainly building "fun speedtech" maps, with many wall rides, tunnels/tubes, loops. Futuristic racing games are my favorites, hence why i'm trying to create tracks that aren't too much flat. My probably best track atm : CCP#25 - Manifold Island (starting at 0:53 in the video)

Previous one, CCP#11 - Twinster Helix (video).
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