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 Not less than Hess

by  Harest 
 Storm / StormMan   |   Beginner 
ID  39302 
 2021-02-21 21:38:38
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Title Channel By
Not less than Hess v1.2 run - 1:01.47 (no bump) SBVille   Ville
Not less than Hess v1.2 run - 1:01.47 (no bump) SBVille   Ville
 Author Comments
First map on Shootmania Obstacle. I'm still quite new to the game with barely more than 25 hours.

I tried some stuff out, trying to do a fun map with a bit of challenge for beginners (and making it interesting for advanced players too with different ways).
There's no flicks or very advanced techniques, just a few rwj are needed. You may find 1 or 2 checkpoints a bit tight.
Map is quite short with only 7 checkpoints. A run should probably take around a minute without major mistake. Here's a run in 1:01.47 by   Ville.

Enjoy! And feel free to give me some feedbacks if there's some issues.

Title is a pun around the fact i had several cp ideas in S shape. Pronunciation of S in french/english is the same as "hess". And "hess" is a french word meaning troubles / chore.

I was right when i stated initially: "I may have overcalibrated one checkpoint for the pro way. I only succeeded in doing the beginner way. Might fix it & update the map if it's impossible.".
So here is a fix for it and a few others things:
  • v1.1:

    • Fixed overcalibration of the cp3 hard way. You couldn't reach the grid at the end. Lowered it by 2 blocks height.
    • Fixed potential cut of cp4. Also made the start of the cp slightly harder (slide part).
    • Added refills at cp5. I didn't have the checkboxes initially, had to delete/re-download the TP.
    • Fixed potential issue caused in case of a bump at the end of cp6 by adding fences above the cp and putting the cp trigger higher (apparently i didn't place the modified cp /facepalm). Thankfully after testing, the fence is low enough to not be able to miss the cp.

  • v1.2:

    • Fixed another cut of cp4, thanks to   smorgasgurka.
    • Added 1 additional rocket at cp6 so you can eventually roofbump at the end when you reach cp7.

 Embedded objects23 Objects
Object IX? Object author
LauncherA3.Block.Gbx drownlies
StormRedLW.Item.gbx xrayjay
1-NormalFloor.Item.gbx Aurel
Pole.Item.Gbx aurelamck
Spawn.Item.Gbx aurelamck
5(100x100).Item.gbx Aurel
1(25x25).Item.gbx Aurel
2(50).Item.gbx Aurel
3(75).Item.gbx Aurel
7(100x50).Item.gbx Aurel
Pillar1.Item.gbx Aurel
8(100x200).Item.gbx Aurel
4Curve(100).Item.gbx Aurel
7(100x50).Item.gbx Aurel
4(100x100).Item.gbx Aurel
1(25x100).Item.gbx Aurel
4Curve(100).Item.gbx Aurel
1R.Item.gbx Aurel
01-SlideBase.Item.Gbx drownlies
02-SlideSlope.Item.Gbx drownlies
05-SlideSlopeStart.Item.Gbx drownlies
05-SlideBankedCurveInDouble.Item.Gbx drownlies
07-SlideBankedCurveInSteep.Item.Gbx drownlies
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