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 [Obstacle] Learning techniques

by  Harest |  27 |  0
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In addition to the Hysteria Tutorials mappack, here's a more complete list of good maps to learn the different techniques you'll need in SM Obstacle to play a more varied list of maps. And to feel a bit more at ease while playing them.
Initially Hysteria wanted to build more tutorial maps, cf. the end of the 3rd one with a "4, 5, 6" panel, but it didn't happen.

I encourage you to play online if you can, as you'll often meet players ready to help you learn Obstacle.

Maps are listed in recommended order, but i'll also put a list here for the general order in which you probably want to go in your learning process. Feel free to deviate if you absolutely want to learn a specific technique earlier. Also note it's only true for the first few techs mainly. After that you can go in any direction you want. Basically, after learning basics, RWJ and flicks.

A GDoc is available here to help you know where to go to learn SM Obstacle, by listing good maps to do so. It is currently in the making. I might adapt this mappack during the process.

First i want to point out there's many great maps called "progressive", as they require / teach you many techniques at once, and become progressively harder as you progress towards the goals.   AurelSM is probably the most known author for such maps.
Here's a few ones: "Step by Step (by Aurel et Swytsh)", "Are you skilled? RENEWAL", "Prove yourself (by Aurel & L3k0rSS)", "Out For Revenge !", "Aven tutorial", "Fox Tutorial! V2". There's a server just for them.

And here's the list of techniques and maps associated for each:
Feel free to contact me to edit the list.
Also please note many maps may not teach you how to do the techniques and will serve more as a tool to learn doing the techniques properly. That's especially true for the advanced techniques like Kana and Hippe. Some are also currently not included there, like boo(o)ts or freelook EJ. If you're at this point, you probably don't need a mappack for it 😏.

Note: Since i'm not the best placed player to do such list (i've less than 100h played), i mostly listed maps we recommended me or i saw being recommended.
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