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 Battle - AirAttack

by   MrA 
 Storm / StormMan   |   Intermediate 
ID  163 
 2017-06-15 05:14:22
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 Author Comments
A map with some big bumpers designed to try and get the attack into effect fast and the defensive response be not far behind. There is an area inbetween two bases which a lot of the time you can bypass with big bumpers.

Can be lots of fun!

12 July 2012
Updated after beta1 release

23 July 2012
A recalculation of shadows
A new way out of the spawn area
New booster for each defence
New railguns near 1 of the poles.

29 July 2012
Small updates / bug removal.

21 Feb 2013
Beta 3 update.
Added Engage
Some layout changes

04 Aug 2013
Various updates
Lighting recalculations
Likely to be small layout changes
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