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 MX User Choice Awards 2022 - Voting Phase
by  eyebo.wp at 29 Mar, 2023  

The voting phase for the MX User Choice Awards for 2022 have begun! The awards include categories for mappers, maps, and more from TM2, SM, and TM2020. Deadline for voting is March 31, 2023.

The MX User Choice Awards for 2022 have begun! The nomination phase has started. The awards include categories for mappers, maps, and more from TM2, SM, and TM2020. Deadline for nominations is March 20, 2023.

Have you been missing ManiaPark/CarPark? We're collaborating with the MP/CP team on building a new website! Read this post for more info.

We're also looking for volunteer web developers to help with development of the sites. Interested? More info here.

What a year it was! Thanks everyone for voting. The results are out for the User Choice Awards 2021!

Voting: 24th of January - 31st of January

With another year gone, we can look back at what has been achieved as a community.
Voting for the 2021 User Choice Awards has started!

This will be an opportunity to vote for users/creations you believe deserve the award.
This year, we are holding awards for ManiaExchange, TrackManiaExchange, and ItemExchange.

All information, as well as links to the voting, can be found in this article.

There will also be a forum post for discussions, as well as voting results, found here.
ManiaExchange sites were down for an extended period of time during the weekend of January 8-9, 2022. This blog post explains why.

If you're looking for news about our sites for the older TM games (pre-TM2), check this blog post.

We have prepared another update for the maniaexchange. Highlights:

Read the blog post to get the full changelog.
This year marks an important milestone for us. We celebrate 10 years of the ManiaExchange network. Forzyy released ManiaExchange for TM² publicly on August 17, 2011. Since then, almost 200,000 maps have been uploaded to MX.

Thanks for supporting MX all these years!

Regarding ShootMania Exchange
We have brought over all MX 2.0 features to SMX. From now on, all updates to the map exchanges will concern SMX, TMX and TM2.MX.

Check the blog post for more about this update.

Watch a video about the update.

1st of January - 14th of January

With the new year passed, now is the chance to look back through what has been achieved as a community.
The 2020 ManiaExchange User Choice Awards have commenced!

Vote for what have been the year's best creations, your favourite builders, the most skilled drivers, and the important community members across 39 categories. Including some new categories for TM2020 as well!

All information about how and where to vote, as well as a list of categories can be found in this forum thread.

ziyx says:
Hey everyone!

It's time to introduce you a new big project. Triss created a new discord server to establish a new place for all the active competitors (pvp, obstacle and more). The name of the discord is "Shootmania eSport". You will be able to choose the gamemodes you play so you can ping people or be pinged for matches on these gamemodes, for practice or official tournaments and cups!
It will give a fresh and new discord environment for all of you to organise or participate to events, cups, praccs, etc. As an example, the Ultimate League 2 will be using this new discord server!

But it's not over yet... Indeed, the biggest part of that server is the Community Machine! It offers the possibility to ANYONE to organise cups and tournaments (more info on the discord). Basically, you make a request for a certain amount of servers and you will obtain them already set up on the right date! The funding of this machine is communitary: anyone can donate (even a very little amount of money) to allow this machine to be! You are not obliged to donate if you want a server, and you are not obliged to take a server if you want to donate :)

More info on the new discord :) see you there!

---> Shootmania eSport Discord
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