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  Keep Going

 Storm / StormMan   |   Beginner 
ID  43796 
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 Author Comments
Thank to the SM community for their support.
Thanks to Atria and especially Triss for everything she brings.
It's the end of the year. I started this game in summer 2023 and I wanted to create a progressive map to thank you all.
Hope you will enjoy !

Merry Christmas <3
 Embedded objects47 Objects
Object IX? Object author
small_lamp_for_wall_sm_block.Item.gbx Coco
little_mural_lamp_White1.Item.gbx Coco
lantern_floor_white.Item.gbx Coco
lantern_roof_wood_white.Item.gbx Coco
lantern_mural_roofed2_white.Item.gbx Coco
lantern_mural_white.Item.gbx Coco
InvisibleBox1.Item.gbx TGYoshi
door.Item.Gbx janfo
grid2.Item.Gbx janfo
Block15.Block.Gbx the-end-of-beans
red_arrow_50.Item.Gbx CocoSM
floor_color_3.Block.Gbx CocoSM
floor_color_4_1.Block.Gbx CocoSM
floor_color_corner.Block.Gbx CocoSM
floor_color_round.Block.Gbx CocoSM
floor_color_z1.Block.Gbx CocoSM
fence_grid_sm_block_item_top.Item.Gbx CocoSM
echelle_ladder_bottom.Item.Gbx CocoSM
echelle_ladder_top.Item.Gbx CocoSM
0_fire_PUT_IN_TORCH.Item.Gbx CocoSM
fence_grid_sm_block_item_25_top.Item.Gbx CocoSM
fence_grid_sm_block_item_bottom.Item.Gbx CocoSM
fence_grid_sm_block_item_mid.Item.Gbx CocoSM
01-SlideBase.Item.Gbx Inner Peace
02-SlideBorderFull.Item.Gbx Inner Peace
03-SlideBorder.Item.Gbx Inner Peace
02-SlideSlope.Item.Gbx Inner Peace
05-SlideSlopeStart.Item.Gbx Inner Peace
07-SlideSlopeEndLow.Item.Gbx Inner Peace
08-SlideSlopeEnd.Item.Gbx Inner Peace
02-SlidePlatformBorderFull.Item.Gbx Inner Peace
Better hole 2.Block.Gbx unmecrandomofficiel
Block Couleur.Block.Gbx unmecrandomofficiel
Brique.Block.Gbx unmecrandomofficiel
Blue Pad.Item.Gbx UnMecRandomOfficiel
Fence 2.Item.Gbx UnMecRandomOfficiel
Ground Cover.Item.Gbx UnMecRandomOfficiel
Fence collidable.Item.Gbx unmecrandomofficiel
Water full.Item.Gbx unmecrandomofficiel
Slide pente.Block.Gbx unmecrandomofficiel
Tp For Ghost.Block.Gbx unmecrandomofficiel
Fence collidable.Item.Gbx unmecrandomofficiel
Blue Pad.Item.Gbx UnMecRandomOfficiel
Fence 1.Item.Gbx UnMecRandomOfficiel
Grass Cover.Item.Gbx UnMecRandomOfficiel
Ground Cover.Item.Gbx UnMecRandomOfficiel
Fence collidable 2.Item.Gbx unmecrandomofficiel
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Rated 4.70 stars by 33 players.