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 Neon Star

by  cheesebullets 
 Storm / StormMan   |   Advanced 
ID  26621 
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 Author Comments
Flashy flash, made for fekah cup 25.01.20, but was played under bugged physics and turned out to be too hard pepega
 Embedded objects32 Objects
Object IX? Object author
Big_Ruby.Item.gbx kana00
GrosRubyfbx.Item.gbx kana00
RubyEtLampOrange.Item.gbx kana00
RubyEtLampRouge.Item.gbx kana00
RubyEtLampViolet.Item.gbx kana00
13.WJCornerReversePB.Item.gbx kana00
9.WJCornerPB.Item.gbx kana00
CheckpointNogroundAround.Item.Gbx aurelamck
Sector.Item.Gbx aurelamck
Sector.Item.Gbx aurelamck
air cp.Item.Gbx cheesebullets
concave hexagon.Item.Gbx cheesebullets
cube_grille haut.Item.Gbx cheesebullets
cube_grille.Item.Gbx cheesebullets
door.Item.Gbx cheesebullets
door2.Item.Gbx cheesebullets
033 waterblock.Item.Gbx cheesebullets
InvisibleBox1.Item.gbx cheesebullets
xray coin.Block.Gbx cheesebullets
Xray.Block.Gbx cheesebullets
Masterblock coin.Item.Gbx cheesebullets
masterblock.Item.Gbx cheesebullets
Wingless Turbine.Item.Gbx cheesebullets
Block 1x1.Item.Gbx cheesebullets
Arrondi Hexa Grille.Item.Gbx cheesebullets
Hexa Grille.Item.Gbx cheesebullets
door3.Item.Gbx cheesebullets
MISTY MIST.Item.Gbx cheesebullets
coucou.Item.Gbx cheesebullets
fuck you 2.Item.Gbx cheesebullets
fuck you.Item.Gbx cheesebullets
Little_Tree.Item.Gbx cheesebullets
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Rated 3.75 stars by 44 players.