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 drift.core | Ruins

by  promarijan 
 Storm / StormMan   |   Advanced 
ID  24222 
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 Author Comments
The first entry to the frac. drift.core series - by aijena!

Now with a complete overhaul of all custom content and mapping with high detail to precision and cleanliness, this map screams for competition!

This most recent update includes a complete rebuild of the core structure of terrain and the slides themselves, now featuring custom items exclusively, without any use of wooden slide blocks at all. Another change is the complete remake of all visuals and details, aswell as cleaning up the design language of the mapping aesthetics within the map series.

Happy hunting!
 Embedded objects68 Objects
Object IX? Object author
InvisibleSpawn.Item.gbx TGYoshi
WoodenCrate.Item.gbx Scrwdrvr
WoodenCrateX2.Item.gbx Scrwdrvr
Beacon Purple.Item.Gbx promarijan
Castle Wood Corner.Item.Gbx promarijan
Castle Wood Edge.Item.Gbx promarijan
Castle Wood Slope Off Mirror.Item.Gbx promarijan
Castle Wood Slope Off.Item.Gbx promarijan
Castle Wood Slope On Mirror.Item.Gbx promarijan
pad_flat_one.Block.Gbx promarijan
pad_flat_two.Block.Gbx promarijan
pad_mid_two.Block.Gbx promarijan
techwalk_ramp_camfix.Block.Gbx promarijan
techwalk_ramp_off_camfix.Block.Gbx promarijan
Wallride 67o5.Item.Gbx promarijan
Stamina Flat 1x2.Item.Gbx promarijan
Stamina Flat 1x3.Item.Gbx promarijan
Stamina Slope Off 05x1.Item.Gbx promarijan
Stamina Slope On 05x1.Item.Gbx promarijan
Stamina Slope Ramp 1x3.Item.Gbx promarijan
Flat Support.Item.Gbx promarijan
Jump Ramp Support.Item.Gbx promarijan
Slope Off Support.Item.Gbx promarijan
Slope On Support.Item.Gbx promarijan
Slope Ramp Support.Item.Gbx promarijan
Wallride 45.Item.Gbx promarijan
Slope Ramp 270 3x1.Item.Gbx promarijan
Slope Ramp 90 1x1.Item.Gbx promarijan
Bumper Slot.Item.Gbx promarijan
Checkpoint.Item.Gbx promarijan
Invisible Roof Center.Item.Gbx promarijan
Ramp Clip.Item.Gbx promarijan
Slope On 270 1x1.Item.Gbx promarijan
Slope On 270 3x1.Item.Gbx promarijan
Slope On 90 1x1.Item.Gbx promarijan
Slope On 90 3x1.Item.Gbx promarijan
Slope Ramp 180 3x1.Item.Gbx promarijan
Slope Ramp 270 1x1.Item.Gbx promarijan
Slope Off 270 1x1.Item.Gbx promarijan
Slope Off 270 3x1.Item.Gbx promarijan
Slope Off 90 1x1.Item.Gbx promarijan
Slope Off 90 3x1.Item.Gbx promarijan
Slope On 0 3x1.Item.Gbx promarijan
Slope On 180 3x1.Item.Gbx promarijan
Flat 6x3.Item.Gbx promarijan
Jump Ramp 0 1x1.Item.Gbx promarijan
Jump Ramp 270 1x1.Item.Gbx promarijan
Jump Ramp 90 1x1.Item.Gbx promarijan
Slope Off 0 3x1.Item.Gbx promarijan
Slope Off 180 3x1.Item.Gbx promarijan
Flat 1x1.Item.Gbx promarijan
Flat 1x3.Item.Gbx promarijan
Flat 2x2.Item.Gbx promarijan
Flat 3x3.Item.Gbx promarijan
Flat 3x6.Item.Gbx promarijan
Flat 4x4.Item.Gbx promarijan
Holo Jump.Item.Gbx promarijan
Power Top.Item.Gbx promarijan
Ramp Guards.Item.Gbx promarijan
Spawn.Item.Gbx promarijan
Tech Top.Item.Gbx promarijan
Waterfall.Item.Gbx promarijan
Castle Wood Slope On.Item.Gbx promarijan
Castle Wood Slope Ramp Mirror.Item.Gbx promarijan
Castle Wood Straight 45.Item.Gbx promarijan
Castle Wood Straight.Item.Gbx promarijan
Holo CP.Item.Gbx promarijan
Holo Flag.Item.Gbx promarijan
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